Foodtro provide various benefits of making online restaurant delivery software for your business

Features of online food delivery software?

Admin panel features in web application

Manage category

Admin can manage the main category for the restaurants

Manage Cuisines

Admin can create the cuisnies for the restaurants

Manage Restaurants

Admin can create multiple restaurants

food delivery admin panel demo

Manage Customers

Admin can list the customers and their details

Manage Languages

Admin can addup multiple langauges for websites and restaurants

Manage Branches

Admin can see the branches of the each restaurant

online food ordering admin panel

Manage Reviews

Admin can see the list of all assoicated restaurant reviews by users

Manage Reports

Admin can see the reports for the restaurants orders

Manage Delivery Staff

ADmin can addup the delivery staff information

android food ordering app with admin panel

Manage Coupons

Admin can manage the coupons for each restaurants with criterias

General Settings

General settings can be updated by the admin text,banners etc

Manage Locations

Locations can be updated by admin along with latitude and longitude

online ordering systems

Manage Orders

Admin can see the orders of each customers & restaurants activities

Manage Banners

Admin can update the banners for mobile app and website

Push Notifications

Push notification offered by admin

food delivery app script


On dashboard, Admin can see recents information of restaurants orders, delivery status.

CMS Pages

CMS pages can be updated by the admin

Manage App Text

App text can be updated time to time by admin

online food delivery script

Manage Newsletters

Newsletters can be managed by admin

Delivery Staff Availability

Admin can see the delivery staff availability status along with live location

Running Staffs

Admin can see the list of drivers where they are riding now

food delivery php script

Logged as Restaurant User

Admin can be logged with just restaurant user on their private login

Open/Close Restaurant

Admin can manage the restaurants open/close shop status

Trending Restaurants

Admin can manage the restaurants in trending status

online food ordering script

Restaurant Panel Features in Web & Mobile Platfroms (Android, iOS)

Manage Branch

Restaurants can be managed their branches & head

Manage Item Category

Restuarants can be addup the items category

Update Information

Restaurants can be updated their information

restaurant online ordering script

Manage Items

Restaurants can update the items of the menus

Manage Addons

Restaurants can update the addons of the items

Types Of Addons

Addon can be speciifed with type of addons to show off the cart page

food ordering script

Approve/Decline Reviews

Restaurant can update the reviews status for the user

Restaurant Report

Report can be accessed by restaurants

Update Branch

Update the information about each its branch

food delivery script

Open/Close Restaurant

Restaurant can be change the status of the shop

Update Settings

General setting can be updated by the restaurants

Pickup Requests

Restaurant have option to give pickup requests

online food delivery software

Manage Orders

Restaurant can handle their own orders on dashboard


Dashboard shows all recent activites

Invoice Option

Admin and restaurant can download and send invoice for the orders

website like foodpanda

Delivery Features in Web & Mobile Apps

Manage Orders

Delivery staff could see ready to pickup orders

Dispatched Orders

He can see the list of dispatched orders on his board

Cancelled Orders

He can see the list of cancelled orders on his board

food ordering system php

Out For Delivery

He can see the list of out for delivery orders on his board


He can see the reports of order on his board

Pickup Request

He can see the list of Pickup request for orders on his board

food delivery software

Customer Features in Web & Mobile Application

Sign In/Sign Up Users

User can sign up or sign in to order

My Account

User can have option as my account

Change Password

Change password for user

online food ordering software

Update Profile

User can update his information

Location Base Search

He can search the restaurants near by his location

Delivery/Pickup Orders

He can order as home delivery or pickup

restaurant food ordering software

Review System

He can review any restaurants which he already ordered

Address Books

Address can be updated in multiple books to use on delivery


User can have the checkout page to use the payment to order completion

online food ordering software


Cart box can be collect the items from the restaurant

Payment Gateways

Payment gateway used for order completed by the user through CC


Newsletter subscripton is available for user

Food Ordering Software

Multiple Languages

User can use multiple langauge for the webiste to see text on their regional langauage.

Forget Password

User can use forget password for resetting the password

Orders History

User can see list of past orders on hi account

Restaurant Menu Ordering Software

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