Swiggy Clone To Launch Your Own Food Delivery App

Get swiggy clone app source code to start your food delivery services in many countries like India. Our swiggy clone script to meet the demand and need of food startups and restaurants.

Online Food Ordering And Delivery Software Script

What is Swiggy Clone? Why White-Label Food Delivery App Like Swiggy is Best-in-Class?

Swiggy Clone is a powerful user-friendly online food ordering and delivery solution and a convenient way for the customers to place order for their favorite food from the preferred restaurants and receive it at their doorsteps. When the entrepreneur can start their own open source restaurant online ordering and delivery business by using swiggy clone script.

Swiggy clone app is one of the most famous versatile apps used by many people. Online food delivery app like swiggy clone has one of the fastest growing app in the global. Swiggy clone app used to empower the customers to seamlessly pace an order online food, pay online, and get it delivered at their doorsteps. Our online food ordering app like swiggy clone is available in the web app as well as in iOS and native android app. The structure of swiggy clone app is similar to other food delivery app but it has different features.

Foodtro offer a readymade swiggy clone script like app for your restaurant ordering food online and delivery business, and to build your own delivery app like swiggy app clone. When the swiggy clone app has web panel for restaurant, admin panel for entrepreneur and specific app for the customers and delivery boy. The swiggy clone app can be personalized end-to-end to make it go in line with your business model, and app clone can be white-labeled, tweaking the branding elements.

What We Offer With Our Swiggy Clone App Script?

100% Source Code

The complete source code of the system will be provided to you based on your criteria.

Dedicated Support

2 months free technical support over email & whatsapp, if you get any issue with applciation.

Single/Multi License

Pay once and get benefited with a self-hosted single-multi-domain license.

Free Installation

Hassle-free installation. We provide live server deployment after the purchase of script.


Let's create your own brand and logo to your online Delivery Hero Clone App.

Customizable Platform

The fully customizable are supported with this platform with powerful open source technologies.

Splendid Features of Our Swiggy Clone App

food delivery admin panel demo

Contactless Delivery Support

Swiggy clone app ensures orders get delivered in the best way and as fast as possible. The customer and admin can monitor the delivery progress by using real-time delivery tracking feature. It’s enables complete monitoring facilities is not only convenient for customers.

Swiggy clone open source admin panel demo

Location Tracker

When the customer used for food delivery app like swiggy clone to track the entire process of from the time of ordering food to delivery time and also keep track the delivery boy location. The delivery boy used for delivery app like swiggy clone to track the location of the customer address.

food ordering opensource admin panel demo

Support Multi-Language

Multi-language features we enables to customer, which language platform enables them to change as per customer convenience. They can select their local language, use their entire solution for those language and to ensure better communication with their prospective customers and provide them excellent ordering experience.

best Swiggy clone Script

Scheduling Order

Swiggy clone app used for the customer to pre-order their food and deliver the food at a mentioned time by the customer. For example, if you are working in company which doesn’t allow you to use mobile phone inside your company. In such case you can pre-order your food before entering inside your company when the delivery boy will deliver the food at your office exactly at the right time.

Ordain Deliveries Manually

Later, they can ordain the delivery tasks manually to the delivery man of their choice. It assist provide faster and better delivery experience as stores can simply find delivery services.Stores can select to add their own delivery support using the store app and panel.

How Swiggy Clone Script Works?

The Swiggy Clone Script follows a simple assignment that ensures excellent results. By following the footsteps and guidelines of the famous Swiggy business model, the solution ventures into online food delivery space with supervise facilities.

Payment can be gathering using any payment mode the user select-online/card/cash.

The delivery provider agree the delivery request, picks it up from the store, and delivers it to consumers.

The consumer places an order by selecting a store using the consumer application.

Once the order is ready, the store contacts the adjacent delivery providers to arrange pickup.

The store receive incoming order notification and agree it and starts preparing.

Read more about How to Build Your Own App like Swiggy Clone Script with Advanced Functionality

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Highlights Built-in Our Food Delivery App like Swiggy Clone

General Settings

Payment Settings

Social Media Settings

Email Settings

Logo Settings

Delivery Settings

Contact Settings

App Page settings

City Lists

Country Lists

Area Lists

Banner Lists

Main Category



Delivery Charges

Manage Orders


Drivers Lists

Driver Availability

Driver Live Location

Currency Lists

Branches Lists

Coupons Lists

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